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Biopharma Research Ltd is a leading provider of life science market reports and research services. We work with a network of highly reputable analysts to provide accurate, in-depth market analysis that will save you time, identify key market opportunities to deliver an unquestionable return on investment. Our mission is to become a single port of call for companies purchasing published or custom market research.

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We provide titles and source information based on your own unique needs. If the information you require is not already published or listed in our website, we provide quotations free of charge to have the research conducted for you by experienced analysts best suited to your specified market.

Time is a limited resource and using our free service will free up your time and expertise to be directed within your company where it matters.

Our guarantee

We guarantee to supply reports to our clients 10% lower in price than any other source. Simply provide us with details of your quoted prices and we will get back to you with our price.


Our clients include major pharmaceutical and laboratory companies such as Abbott, Bio-Rad Laboratories, bioMérieux, Beckman Coulter, BD, Roche, Merck, Sanofi, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Illumina, Agilent Technologies, QIAGEN, Bruker, PerkinElmer, Waters, Fluidigm, Trovagene, Alere, GE Healthcare and SCIEX. 


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Please contact us with any questions, or if we can assist you in helping you obtain specific data and analyses that meet your business objectives, information needs and budget.

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