We have carried two comprehensive market studies, covering bacterial molecular diagnostics and antibiotic resistance. These studies involved the participation of 1,072 experienced researchers, clinicians and laboratory end-users and profiled current practices, developments, trends and plans over the next three years, as well as growth and opportunities across key sectors of these markets. These findings provide a wealth of market information on the current and evolving markets for bacterial molecular diagnostics and antibiotic resistance.


Bacterial Molecular Diagnostics:


Current molecular techniques Current applications
Current growth Current bacterial tests
Future molecular  techniques Advantages
Future growth Associated therapeutic areas
Test costs Budget
Suppliers Disadvantages
Number of bacteria tested Future applications
Current suppliers Future bacterial tests
Future suppliers Future requirements
Main bacteria tested Purpose of work
Multiplex methods Samples
Automated methods Techniques being replaced
Automation suppliers  

Antibiotic Resistance:


Clinical Laboratory
The top three therapeutic areas Purpose of participant’s research
lower respiratory tract, urethritis etc) Top associated therapeutic areas
Bacterial and viral infections Main activity
Current patients Antibiotic source
Preferred distinguishing tests Gram negative bacteria
Suppliers Gram positive bacteria
Test costs per patient Other bacteria
Test time Companion diagnostics
Distinguishing infections Companion diagnostics
Future patients Identification methods
Future tests and instrumentation Methods
Future preferred suppliers Preferred Products
Identifying causal bacteria Preferred supplier
Current patients Future identification methods
Laboratory identification methods Future methods
Preferred tests and instrumentation Preferred tests and instrumentation
Preferred suppliers Future suppliers
Test costs per patient Antibiotics against Gram -ve bacteria
Test time Antibiotics against Gram +ve bacteria
Future identification of bacterial types Antibiotics against other bacteria
Future patients Novel combinations
Future bacterial identification methods Combinations
Tests and instrumentation Single antibiotics or combinations
Preferred suppliers Integrated programmes
Antibiotic resistance genes Current programme
Current patients Future integrated programme
Preferred tests and instrumentation Name and location
Preferred suppliers Antimicrobial stewardship
Testing costs Name and location
Test time Future stewardship programmes
Future identification of resistance genes Name and location
Future patients Innovation
Antibiotic resistance gene tests Barriers
Future suppliers Initiatives
Integrated programmes    
Current programme    
Future integrated programme    
Name and location    
Antimicrobial stewardship    
Name and location    
Future stewardship programmes    
Name and location    
Gram negative bacteria    
Gram positive bacteria    
Other bacteria    
Antibiotics against Gram -ve bacteria    
Antibiotics against Gram +ve bacteria    
Antibiotics against other bacteria    
Treatment costs    
Single antibiotics or combinations    



Therapeutic areas     
Main activity     
Source of antibiotics     
Gram negative bacteria     
Gram positive bacteria     
Other bacteria     
Companion diagnostics     
Companion diagnostics     
Bacterial and viral infections      
Future distinguishing tests     
Identifying causal bacteria     
laboratory identification methods     
Preferred tests / instrumentation     
Preferred suppliers     
Future identification of bacteria     
Future identification methods     
Tests and instrumentation     
Preferred suppliers    
Integrated programmes     
Current programme     
Future integrated programme     
Name and location     
Stewardship programmes     
Name and location     
Future stewardship programmes     
Name and location    


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