Findings from our markets studies assist suppliers in more than twenty areas of commercial development, enabling improved ROI, cost reductions and reduced risk...

Our reports present the findings of specialised market studies designed to assist suppliers and developers to profile current and evolving laboratory market opportunities. These studies are carried out through specialist groups of experienced laboratory end-users and therefore findings are based on 'real world' market data. By providing new insights and a better understanding of end-user practices, needs and future plans, these studies assist suppliers to increase their presence in these markets, and also support innovation and strategic planning.

Our studies help suppliers and developers to:


- Increase sales opportunities - Identify key market sectors
- Reach your target audience - Analyse costs and market size
- Improve your competitive position - Calculate market growth
- Access growing markets - Profile emerging opportunities
- Analyse end-user purchase plans - Build new relationships
- Reduce risk and costs - Increase ROI
- Identify strategic opportunities - Discovery unmet needs
- Discover high-growth applications - Profile current and growing techniques
- Access instrument supplier tables - Identify instruments used
- Profile consumables suppliers - Identify growing market sectors
- Discover the major fields of application - Profile end-user activities and three-year plans
- Profile laboratory customers and opportunities