Mass spectrometry is one of today's most widely-used laboratory techniques and supports important applications is many areas of analysis. Despite the many advances these techniques have seen in recent decades, mass spectrometry continues to grow as analytical requirements increase and new applications are developed.

Mass Spectrometry 2015 presents the findings of a new global study of mass spectrometry that profiled the laboratory use of this technique across more than 47 research and industrial sectors. This study, which evaluated end-users' current practices and three-year plans, investigated their own estimates of the growth in their use of this technique, the competitive positions of global system suppliers; applications, ionisation methods; MS systems configurations; fragmentation methods; software; sample types; sample preparation techniques; the study of biomarkers using MS; biomarker disease areas; purpose of disease biomarkers studies; disease biomarker molecular types; biomarker clinical utilities; end-user per sample analytical costs and monthly throughput of study samples. This involved the participation of 778 experienced end-users across 60 countries. This study profiled end-user's current practices, developments, trends and future plans over the next three years, as well as growth and opportunities across key sectors of these markets.

This study covers:

  • Current and 3-year market estimates provided by 778 experienced MS end-users
  • Growth in MS use over the last 3 years and anticipated in the next 3 years (±% change)
  • MS systems suppliers currently, and anticipated suppliers in 3 years (±% change)
  • Mass spectrometry across 47 research and industrial sectors
  • Current MS applications across 68 areas, and anticipated over next 3 years (±% change)
  • Ionisation methods currently and anticipated in 3 years from now (±% change)
  • MS system configurations currently and anticipated in 3 years from now (±% change)
  • Fragmentation methods currently and anticipated in 3 years from now (±% change)
  • MS software, covering more than 150 different types, used by end-users
  • Sample types analysed by participants, using mass spectrometry
  • Sample preparation techniques used by end-users, for their MS
  • Molecule types analysed using MS, by end-users
  • The study of disease biomarker using MS, by end-users
  • End-user's disease areas relating to the study of biomarkers using MS
  • The purpose of their work relating to the study of disease biomarkers
  • Disease biomarker molecule types studied using MS
  • The clinical utilities of disease biomarker analyses, analysed using MS
  • End-user's analytical per-sample costs using MS
  • Numbers of samples analysed per month, using MS
  • Purpose, fields or sectors relating to end-user's us of MS
  • Global regions, countries and organisation types
  • Data provided allows the integrated analysis of multiple market sectors

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