September 2, 2016: Laboratory Markets Limited has completed a comprehensive global market study of molecular diagnostics, covering established, recently developed and more specialised methods used in both clinical and clinical research settings. This market analysis reviewed 75,000 clinical and clinical research molecular studies across more than 23,000 clinical and research organisations, encompassing 13 global regions and 125 countries. This identified 12,500 molecular diagnostics laboratories, which were profiled as part of Molecular Diagnostics 2016. Details of these end-user organisations by name are provided as part of this report.

These new findings are the result of a detailed three-year market study covering the period up until May 2016. These leading market data are combined and analysed alongside findings on the growth and costs of molecular diagnostics from five four other independent market studies, carried out by Laboratory Markets Limited. These five (separate) studies involved the participation of more than 1,700 molecular diagnostics end-users, details of which are also provided with this report.

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